Project Management

Meet your production requirements with micromanaging. Let us do the work to keep you informed.


Let us manage your project

The Management of a major controls project is definitely a full-time activity. Very few of our clients have the time to get involved in the day-to-day activities of running a project. Integrum Automation will manage those details on your behalf and keep you informed of project status and any projected problems that might need to be resolved. Even with proper planning, all projects have their challenges and it is how you deal with those challenges that make or break projects. We will work with you, our client, to keep the project under control from start to finish.

Proper Planning

High Quality Workmanship

On time Results

Final Inspections and Follow-up

From Start to Finish

Pre-Project Phase

We believe that proper planning can prevent the majority of issues that arise during installations. We have the ability to look at projects before they begin and determine which areas have the potential to cause problems and focus on those areas with the extra care needed to prevent problems before they arise.

pre project phase

Implementation Phase

We will manage the project with the goal of delivering results that retain the quality and schedule you need. We will accomplish this through continual project monitoring, early identification of materials needed and regular project schedule assessments. We will conduct meetings weekly to assure the project and all processes are working together, and that issues requiring resolution are addressed immediately

Testing, Commissioning & Completion

Integrum Automation will conduct final inspections and follow-up on any punch list items. All documents are itemized and electronically stored, enabling us to provide you with all the information you need in the future.



The spectrum of Capabilities that Integrum Automation offers our clients are Endless. We can help with everything from the simplest software or hardware upgrade to designing custom robotic vision picking systems for industry-specific applications.

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