How Can a Pick To Light System Improve Your Production?

Is a Pick To Light System Right for Your Warehouse?


Is a Pick To Light System the Right System for You?

Pick To Light Systems are practical and accurate systems, which advance paperless order picking, by helping keep hands free. The idea is to give the warehouse direct instructions on-site, to the person or persons performing the order picking.

Rather than picking orders with a picking list, Pick To Light LED devices will light up and display the correct quantity and position of the item to be picked, they can be installed directly over the items with led lights. Thanks to its simplicity, the training period is very short and can be operated promptly.

Pick To Light Systems provide multi-color options across their entire product range. This, combined with easy programming, allows applications to be educated where several operators can work on picking the same order, or where a single operator can accurately pick several orders at the same time. The Capabilities are limitless, It increases the number of orders per day, reducing the operational labor cost of order-based picking processes.


Pick To Light Systems Reduces Walking

Arranging the process by individual operators’ work zones helps to minimize unnecessary walking in the warehouse. Although, material handling orders can pass through more than one zone picking system, with operators working in assembly-line fashion to complete each order. The Pattern is often structured to maximize productivity.


Integration With Warehouse Systems

Specialized software that can integrate with ERP, Supply Chain Management and, warehouse operations (WMS) comes with the Pick To Light System. Advanced pick-to-light software adds the ability to vary the size of work zones to better match labor with order volume, or produce reports on pick rates, increasing productivity and other useful metrics.


Installation Is Easy Too

Today most leading PTL providers offer a bus or duct-based light device mounting system. This style of equipment was developed to combat the installation and maintenance costs and difficulty of the previous years, serial cable-based systems. The new ‘track light’ design can mount to the a rack system that is already in place, or other storage compartments systems, reducing installation time and costs. The light devices receive power and data information independently from one another, which is an advantage. A malfunctioning light doesn’t necessarily mean downtime for the whole line. The ‘plug and play’ like installation allows devices to easily be addressed and added when and as needed for system expansion. Lights are easily repositioned and relocated on the duct for convenient SKU re-slotting. Installation materials usually consist of some type of duct, power supplies, and controllers to mount, provide electricity, and communicate and transmit with the system.


Pick To Light Light Software

Each Pick-to-Light provider offers its unique software product. Depending on your needs some of these providers can configure and manage the light-directed pick process to fit your needs. Some users choose to use stand-alone systems, but a solid interface between the PTL software and the users’ ERP, SCM, SCE, WMS, or other major host systems is required for a smooth and seamless integration to directly download order file data in most high capacity warehouses .

Pick To Light Systems


Pick To Light System Features

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to use
  • Highly productive
  • Low maintenance
  • Flexible
  • Minimum Training is required


Pick To Light System Benefits

Administering a Pick-to-Light system can produce multiple benefits to businesses in terms of Money-savings, correctness, and efficiency. Full project ROI is often accomplished quickly.

    • 30%-50% increase in pick rate productivity
    • 99.9%+ accuracy rates
    • Rapid implementation
    • Eliminates wasted walk & search time
    • Minimum employee training time
    • Shorter order cycle times
    • Predictable picking process
    • Increased throughput


Pick To Light System Applications

Pick-to-Light Systems are very versatile applications including order picking, parts picking, sortation, kitting, consolidation, and assembly just to name a few. Most Pick-to-Light products can also be combined with other automated systems and manufacturing tasks that’s what make them such a great asset to your warehouse.

  • Retail
  • Direct Selling
  • Ecommerce & Catalog
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical Products
  • Health & Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Automotive Kitting & Assembly
  • Grocery & Meal Delivery
  • 3rd Party Fulfillment Companies
  • General Kitting

    Pick-to-Light Systems are a great asset to any warehouse and industries contact us to find out if its the right system for you!